24 volt battery pack hookup. Energy Our Off Grid Adventure Installing the 24 volt to 12 volt Converter

24 volt battery pack hookup. Energy Our Off Grid Adventure <a href="https://hookupwebsites.org/uberhorny-review/" rel="nofollow">https://hookupwebsites.org/uberhorny-review/</a> Installing the 24 volt to 12 volt Converter

Setting up the 24 volt to 12 volt Converter

The new off grid system which we now have in position generates 24 volts DC, which in turn would go to the inverter and it is changed into 240 volts AC, therefore it can power all the 240 volt material inside your home.

But, you can find components of the old 12 volt system nevertheless being used, including all of the lights, a little pump and a couple of other odds and ends.

as opposed to get and change every thing, i needed to help keep it running as it had been, additionally one bank of batteries continues to be working and I also desire to ensure that is stays running so long as I am able to.

The response to my prayers ended up being a tiny DC to DC converter (ie 24 volt to 12 volt converter), which will allow me personally to run the old material in the brand new system. We nevertheless desired to manage to run the old material on the old lead acid battery pack bank if I had a need to. Obtaining the lights operating on the system that is old become especially handy whenever I ended up being bedding the brand new system straight straight straight down. Once in awhile I would personally get things incorrect, over extend the brand new system so that the inverter power down and we also destroyed energy. If this occurred through the night, we’d have lost the lights also but I could at least see to work out what I had done wrong with the new system because they were still operating on the old system.

I needed some way to switch between the two, and the easiest way was to install a battery isolator switch if I wanted to keep operating both systems (12 volt DC for lights and 24 volt DC – 240 volts AC for everything else. They are utilized in 4WDs and RVs that have a battery pack to operate devices along with a battery pack to begin the automobile. The battery pack isolator switch allows you to draw current from either or both batteries to make certain that if you need to, you’ll separate the staring battery from the device and get away from flattening it, thus stranding yourself call at the bush someplace.

The image in my own head of the battery pack isolator switch had been a rotary switch that would just take the positive and negative cables from the 24 volt system (through the converter to 12 volt), the negative and positive through the initial 12 volt system as well as the negative and positive from the household circuit and I could simply alter among them. It only had room for 3 wires – battery 1, battery 2 and the common wire when I got hold of the switch. As it happens I had to do something else with the negative wires of each circuit that it only switches the positive wires and.

It dawned so they were connected on me that the way to run it was to gather all 3 negative wires and run them to a neutral link.

You learn one thing brand new each day as soon as we went along to my regional electrician supply spot i discovered I was able to get one with the size which would take the (quite thick) 12 volt wires easily that they made neutral links with varying hole size and.

Therefore to create all of this up, we went wires through the negative and positive terminals of my 24 volt battery pack bank to your input region of the 24v to 12v converter. When I went a poor cable through the production associated with the converter into the link that is neutral. We took the negative wire which went through the 12 volt batteries towards the negative supply point for your house circuits, cut it in two and went both ends in to the basic website website link, therefore finishing the negative part for the circuit.

To perform things we took off the rear of battery pack isolator switch, exposing 3 threaded terminals fitted having a nut and lock washer which accepted spade or band terminals. We went a wire through the good terminal for the converter to your “1” terminal of this switch then broke the wire that is positive the 12 volt batteries towards the good supply point for the home circuits, soldered on a few ring terminals and then linked the battery pack part into the “2” terminal and also the household supply region of the cable towards the “C” (or “common”) terminal.

This means once the switch had been looked to “1” the illumination ended up being running on the 12 volt system so when it absolutely was looked to “2” it had been running on the latest 24 volt system through the 24 volt to 12 volt converter. (demonstrably if the switch had been looked to “1 + 2” it could draw energy from both systems).

Now the acid test! Would everything work when switched to your system that is new?

Fortunately it did, working well whenever switched to either the old 12v or perhaps the brand brand new 24v to 12v part. Additionally, up to now, operating the lights straight from the system appears to work very well as well as usually do not eat that much energy over and above everything we had been already making use of. The device is currently quite flexible, enabling me personally to run the lights on either the old or system that is new as needed.

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