Okay, being a poly individual myself, i’ll go ahead and sound a minority viewpoint that this might work.

Okay, being a poly individual myself, i’ll go ahead and sound a minority viewpoint that this might work.

We do not know sufficient whether it will be a drama-filled mire for you or not about him and his relationship with his wife to know. Lots of poly individuals i understand are good communicators and generally speaking low-drama individuals to date.

A things that are few think of.

A) Jealousy occurs, also for non-monogamous individuals. What the results are if you will get jealous? What goes on if she gets jealous? Could it be ok to generally share these specific things? Is he conscientious adequate to worry about your emotions even although you aren’t the partner that is primary?

B) discernment. It will be much simpler for your needs in the event that next-door next-door next-door neighbors do not know.

C) You state you do not wish a critical relationship, but think because specifically as you’ll by what you need from somebody you may be casually dating. Seeing one another when every weeks that are feabie.com login few? Once per week?

D) Logistics. Does he come up to your house because you are otherwise solitary? Do you realy head out and then find out in the straight back chair like teens?

If you opt to move forward, go on it really sluggish to check out the way you feel at each and every phase. Be truthful together with your emotions and view exactly exactly how he responds to that particular sincerity. If you ask me, worthwhile folks are ready to talk you throughout your insecurities and place you at ease. Posted by mai at 3:22 PM on January 2, 2014

I will offer the minority opinion, at the very least conditionally.

This few are recognized to the OP, whom did not understand from their website, or through the gossips, which they had been within an available relationship. Rating one for going ahead, they are (evidently) discreet, and certainly will manage the downs without it going general public.

Exploration costs absolutely absolutely nothing. So talk about this, both the relationship problems in addition to practicalities – HOW have they made it work? Rating two for going ahead, you might be risking absolutely nothing in chatting. The gossips are saying, and see if you are missing any stories floating around at the same time, open your ears to anything.

They’ve been risking just as much, more possibly, while you. There was an implication about you to believe you (as a person, not just a situation) may be open, and ‘suitable’ to participate in their open relationship that they know enough. Put this in advance – why me? – to see whatever they state beyond ‘well, you may be available these days’. Then score three for going on (considering) if the answer goes beyond the crudities (however phrased), you have something to work with and consider, and.

This may be an interesting, enjoyable interlude, for six days, 6 months, that knows? Yes you can find problems, dangers, but hey, this is the life that is dating.

As being a dad of (now developed) kiddies, if I became confronted by this possibility I would personally have already been less concerned with my kids finding out about my sex life, than I would personally have now been about my ex’s response. In most this, this could be the offer breaker for your needs, and as opposed to the possibility to getting set, this could be the presssing problem that bears the absolute most considering. Published by GeeEmm at 3:55 PM on January 2, 2014

I am perhaps perhaps not planning to supply you with the “parents” talk.

I have always been likely to let you know this. It would appear that both their as well as your children appear to know one another and you also reside in the neighborhood that is same. What if say his wife DOESN’T agree after you’ve had some type or sorts of sexual knowledge about this guy? Imagine if she harasses you? Imagine if he actually is a nut task?

Let’s say for reasons uknown somebody finds away who’s friends that are mutual you both?

Then imagine if your children would discover? Just what if you feel the neighborhood gossip (you is supposed to be on the blacklist of any hitched girl in your area or at your kids’s school). Keep that life split. Head out in the weekends whenever you don’t possess your children. But never end up getting this guy, it is too close for convenience (for the young ones).

I might find some other person, this guy could be using you. Posted by irish01 at 4:51 PM on January 2, 2014 3 favorites

I will be therefore grateful for the thoughtful and compassionate responses right here. Demonstrably, we required a real possibility check, and many many thanks, MeFi, for delivering it. I am variety of embarrassed since I had to negotiate relationships and boundaries that I needed The Internet to offer some advice here, but it’s been 20 years or so. And I also ended up being 22 or more then, and, well, knew absolutely absolutely nothing. Therefore, many thanks for the training. I believe I needed seriously to arrive at the idea that “there is nothing incorrect with available relationships, by itself, but this 1, for me personally right here and from now on, is a negative option. ” And that is fine — it is a big globe out here.

Therefore thank you all. Totally well worth my anonymous Ask. Merry Brand Brand New 12 Months, y’all.

OP, you have got no good explanation whatsover to feel embarrassed! These things is not simple for anyone, and particularly in an extremely unique situation like yours, it is not like there is an Emily Post entry because of it (well perhaps there was, We haven’t read her in a bit! ).